Since Instukem was formed in 1980, the company has grown remarkably.

Instukem was founded by Michel Lapointe, an entrepreneur who wanted to put his sanitization and chemistry knowledge to work for local businesses.

Today, the company covers a vast territory that spans Canada and beyond. Our team of engineers, technicians and professionals share a common dedication to the trade and to our customers. Their efforts keep Instukem at the forefront of innovation in the industrial maintenance products and equipment field.

Essential partners for our customers

We meet their cleaning and disinfection needs with a full range of customized,
innovative and environmentally responsible products and services.

Our environmental commitment

Instukem is an environmentally responsible business, intent on making its footprint as small as possible.

We recover empty containers, clean them, refill them and redistribute them to our customers. Labels on these containers are durable and can withstand up to 10 pressure washings.

The products we make are biodegradable. Waste water from our plant is recovered and treated before discharge into the sewage system.

In addition, our technicians use hybrid vehicles for all service calls.

Our values

Our values energize and guide our actions and decisions in all aspects of our business.
  • SUCCESS built on teamwork
  • RESPECT for our customers, colleagues and work standards
  • INTEGRITY is fundamental and non-negotiable
  • Quest for EXCELLENCE in all we undertake
  • CUSTOMERS are the focus of our decisions and all our actions

Our certifications