Your hygiene and cleanliness standards are high.

Whether you are a food-service professional, laundry manager or agri-food processor, Instukem can meet your needs.

Restaurant owners and managers of cafeterias, dining rooms and other food services trust Instukem for commercial dishwasher rental, including maintenance services and cleaning products.

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For over 30 years, Instukem has provided commercial and institutional laundry owners with impeccable laundry-product supply services.

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Agri-food sector businesses must comply with very stringent cleaning and sanitization protocols. With its specialized offer, Instukem makes it possible for these industries to achieve impeccable results.

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Innovative products for hygiene and cleanliness, for a clean and safe environment.

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An essential partner in industrial and commercial maintenance

Instukem specializes in industrial and commercial maintenance solutions. Our engineers have perfected a range of high-performance products for all your business’s cleaning and disinfection needs. We also offer maintenance, and rental of tough, reliable equipment.


We offer customized solutions and 24/7 service for peace of mind.

  • Innovative, exclusive products
  • Team of customer-focused experts
  • Cost-effective equipment/dishwasher rental and maintenance programs


We are qualified to meet the highest health standards.

  • Highly effective products that meet the strictest standards
  • Verification and optimization of procedures
  • Plants and staff approved by CFIA


Our proven experience allows us to increase the wash/load capacity of laundries.

  • Custom installation of SPI™, our patented Tunnel Precision smart control system
  • Full range of superior-quality industrial laundry products
  • Trained, qualified, passionate technicians


Our hygiene and disinfection products add a layer of safety to commercial and institutional settings.

  • Products approved by Health Canada (NPN/DIN) and the FDA
  • Dedicated installation for products approved by Health Canada
  • Ongoing R&D in our own laboratories

Latest news

New KWAT PRO, a 99.99%-effective virucide

Instukem has always made it a point of honour to maintain its position as an industry leader. Last year once again provided an opportunity with KWAT PRO, our latest 99.99%-effective bactericidal and viricidal solution. It’s the anti-COVID disinfectant solution.

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Instukem’s laboratory experts ensure the quality and effectiveness of our products as well as their compliance and that of our operations with industry standards and regulations. They also provide invaluable support to our customers in achieving their cleaning and disinfection goals.

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