New KWAT PRO, a 99.99%-effective virucide

Cleaning and disinfecting products first appeared on the market over 40 years ago. But the pandemic turned things upside down, creating strong demand for ultra-high performance disinfectant solutions. And this time, businesses joined industry as major users.

This is how KWAT PRO came to be. As soon as the pandemic began, our chemists redoubled efforts to develop a viricidal and bactericidal solution with a proven efficacy of 99.99%. And yet again, Instukem rose to the challenge: Health Canada has just approved KWAT PRO for its viricidal properties.

Combines effectiveness and speed

The various sectors that rely on our products have now added our latest to their list of disinfectants. Designed for use on clean surfaces, KWAT PRO is applied with a trigger sprayer. One thoroughly wets the surface to be disinfected, lets the solution sit for 10 minutes, then allows it to dry. No wiping is necessary, and the surface treated will be residue-free once disinfection has finished.

Better than chlorine

Some may be tempted to use chlorinated products such as bleach to disinfect surfaces. That would be a mistake. Chlorine products are harsh, seriously damages surfaces, leave a powdery film, have an unpleasant strong chemical smell, are potentially hazardous if inhaled, and are irritating to the skin unless gloves are worn. In contrast, once prepared, KWAT PRO is easy on both skin and surfaces disinfected. Furthermore, unlike chlorine, KWAT PRO guarantees up to 99.99% elimination of viruses and bacteria.

Created in Quebec for Quebec companies

Instukem is a Quebec company that develops, manufactures and distributes cleaners and disinfectants that rank among the best-performing available. Our expertise, gained over more than 40 years, has yet again fuelled innovation. With KWAT PRO, Instukem once more demonstrates its ability to respond quickly and effectively to meet the needs of customers and society as a whole.

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