A high-performing cleaning duo

Instukem, cleaning-product professionals for 40 years, can find the right formula to meet the specific needs of customers who seek their expertise. That’s what they did when they developed a new concentrated high-performance detergent and emulsifier to clean the uniforms of mine workers, and rags soiled with oil and grease from garages.

Created in the Instukem laboratory

The chemists from Instukem’s laboratory designed the pair of highly concentrated PRIME cleaners, which dislodge dust and mineral particles as well as oil and heavy grease that regular detergents can’t. “We worked for a number of months to develop these products, in collaboration with a customer in the industrial sector and a leading surfactant manufacturer. And the results are very satisfactory,” confirmed Garabed Avedis, PhD, Director of Quality Assurance. “One quality of the PRIME duo is that we have achieved excellent control over the amount of suds, unlike other concentrated products, using leading-edge specialized surfactants. This makes the products especially attractive.”

A custom formula

“We launched this project to meet the needs of new customers: industrial laundries that specialize in cleaning heavily soiled clothing or linens. Their needs are very different from those of our usual customers, mainly restaurants and hospitals. Our current products were not strong enough because, among other things, mineral dust deactivates regular detergents.”

There are currently very few products on the Canadian market that offer this kind of performance. With the excellent performance of the PRIME duo, Instukem opens the door to a new and very promising opportunity.

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