Instukem donates Purifik hand sanitizer to Accueil Bonneau

PURIFIK sanitizer will be used by the hundreds of people who pass through Accueil Bonneau each day, and by the volunteers and employees who serve them. Through this gift, Instukem is helping to maintain the health measures put in place to limit the risk of infection with COVID-19.

“For some time, we have been wanting to give a portion of our production of PURIFIK to an organization that assists people in need,” said Patrick Lapointe, Co-President of Instukem. “We chose Accueil Bonneau because we know that homeless people who use the organization’s services are especially vulnerable to this pandemic.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic first started, Instukem launched into innovation mode to quickly create an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that met Canadian sanitary requirements. Developed by the Instukem laboratory, PURIFIK is a 100% Quebec product, created and manufactured in Montreal. The company came up with its own formula, containing 70% v/v alcohol, using top-quality ingredients.

As soon as Instukem had sufficient stock, a load of PURIFIK was sent to Moisson Montréal. This organization, which has adequate facilities to manage so much product, will be responsible for distributing the hand sanitizer to Accueil Bonneau and, possibly, to other charities in the Montreal area.

“Instukem personnel committed to mobilize to assist an organization such as Accueil Bonneau throughout the pandemic,” added Patrick. “This gift is our way of acknowledging the important role played by staff and volunteers at Accueil Bonneau, day after day, providing services that homeless people now need more than ever.”

About Accueil Bonneau
Founded in Montreal in 1877, Accueil Bonneau is Montreal’s largest day centre, offering a vast range of services to facilitate the residential stability and social reinsertion of people experiencing or in danger of homelessness. Accueil Bonneau relies on a group of volunteers who offer homeless people vital services such as meals, lodging and clothing, as well as on a team of specialized workers who provide psychosocial support and trust services.

Instukem invites charities that would like to receive a gift of PURIFIK to apply by calling 514-739-0020 or writing to

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