Perfect dosing for optimal cleaning

Launched in 2018, the laundry-product smart control system developed by Instukem is for commercial and industrial laundry tunnels. “We started designing the system in 2016, after noting a real need for this type of specialized equipment, particularly remote monitoring,” said David Lapointe, Engineer and Co-President of the company. Since there are very few on the market, we saw an opportunity for a major shift, and we were proactive. We’ve continued to hone it each year.”

A high-precision system

Tunnel Precision has a smart control panel that exactly measures (via flowmeter) cleaning products injected into the laundry tunnel. The touchscreen, connected to the product-tank pumps, reads the request and precisely measures the quantity needed. The system self-calibrates with each injection and can compensate for low product levels. Should a malfunction occur, a visual or audible alarm is triggered, along with the option to stop the wash cycle. Customers can also choose to receive an e-mail notification.

Exclusive to Instukem

“Tunnel Precision is the only system on the market that lets customers safely measure and visualize tank levels in real time,” explained Alexei Polotovski, Lead Technician of the Instukem Laundry team. Since the device is connected, customers can use the control system from their smartphone or tablet. They can also receive detailed electronic reports at requested intervals. It’s a very advanced system, custom-developed for our clientele. So far, we’ve had excellent results, and our customers are very satisfied.”

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